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Used Ciena

Help Us Find Used Ciena Equipment in Myrtle Beach SC

Become a used Ciena equipment partner with Telenet Systems, Inc. You benefit by helping us locate Ciena equipment and making a profit. The environment benefits by having our company take the hardware off your hands instead of having it end up in a local Myrtle Beach, SC landfill.


Telenet Systems, Inc. offers top dollar for quality Ciena equipment.


Email Your Inventory List


The Ciena brand is known as an industry leader that has long helped businesses in their quest to fulfill the needs of customers and employees. Fill out our online form with everything you have to offer.


Product Types


  • Ethernet

  • Optical Transport

  • Video Services

  • WDM Transport


Telenet Systems, Inc. will gladly form partnerships with any business able to provide us with used Ciena inventory.


Those We Partner With


  • Telecom Equipment Companies

  • Asset Management & Inventory Control Workers

  • Installation Experts

  • Field Technicians

  • Liquidators

  • Office Relocation Companies

  • Electronics Recycling Companies

  • Corporations and Small Business Upgrading Equipment

  • Data Centers

  • Telephone System De-Installers

  • Office Furniture Companies


Find out more about our Ciena partnerships by calling Telecom Systems, Inc. at (954) 553-1352.

We Buy Used & Excess Phone Systems, Business Phones, Networking Equipment, IT Equipment & Central Office CO Equipment

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