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Telenet & Recycle Companies - What We Offer


He who smelts it or recycles it first loses lots of money.  Don’t make the mistake most recycling companies make when ecycling Telecom or IT Equipment by smelting first without first looking for a buyer of the used equipment that will pay far more than scrap metal prices.  Telenet Systems will instead pay you top dollar for used Telecom and IT gear before you smelt it.  Whether you have one or hundreds of items that can be resold, Telenet will get you a quote within a week and if we don’t buy it we will assist you in finding purchasers. 

Attn: electronics recycling companies, 


If you have used Central Office, Telecom or IT gear and want an excellent cash offer before smelting it down give Telenet Systems the opportunity to bid aggressively to purchase direct from you and your company. I can assure you we will put our best foot forward in developing our best offers to present to you. We want to prove ourselves to you and become a trusted solid Vendor of yours. Telenet BUYS/PURCHASES the following  (9) classes of Telecom worldwide daily:


For example;   We are Currently looking for the following Lucent /older lucent switch gear or circuit cards .We are ( looking to purchase )many different cards and will pay in the (thousands of dollars each )for certain cards from these classes of lucent ). just FYI;  ty



(739b5, 739b2, 839b5  SM265B, SM 267B ,29G-U are some examples  very old Lucent Circuit cards/ boards we are looking for but not limited to.


And see below:


 Below are the (9) classes of Telecom and IT equipment we purchase worldwide. We purchase and stock over 150 different manufacturers worldwide.


1.  Business Telecom equipment; phone systems, switches/ circuit cards

2.  IT Networking equipment; switches, routers, hubs, data storage and related

3.  Test and measurement equipment; Anritsu, HP Agilent and many other brands

4.  CO/ Central office telecom/ switches, circuit cards, modules

5.  Optical Networking equipment

6.  Transmission networking gear/ CO

7. Industrial generators, industrial AC units and power equipment/UPS’S/ PDU’S and related

8.  Cell site tower Switches / frames and circuit cards

9) Microwave Radio and antenna equipment


The classes of equipment above can come from some of your current customers you have recycling contracts in place with which can be

Colleges, large Schools, Hospitals, data centers, colocations as well as telephone company Carriers that upgrade equipment  or de-installing Cell towers and buildings which house CO equipment such as Verizon, AT&T, Quest ,T-Mobile, Sprint and others


Some examples of Manufacturers we purchase are :


Lucent, Alcatel-Lucent, Tellabs, Adtran, Alcatel, Fujitsu flashwave, Ciena, Juniper, Nortel DMS, Cisco, Motorola, Siemens, Andrew Wireless, Nokia, Symetricomm, Telect, Adc, and many others. We buy and stock over 150 different manufacturers.


 We pay you upfront and have the equipment picked up from your site in each instance.  So, if you have some pictures or better yet, an inventory list of the models of surplus ( Circuit cards/boards and telecom frames or switches), please feel free to call us directly at (954 )553 -1352 or email to


Feel free to call me , Scott Banks, President ,directly at any time.  For example: should you be standing at a customer site with a question on any piece of equipment you are looking at, I can immediately tell you the approximate value and if it is something we would be interested in purchasing. We pay thousands of dollars per card sometimes even if the equipment is 20-30 years old!


So before you Scrap, contact us and we will provide very aggressive quote to purchase!


NOTE: we also purchase defective, unrepairable circuit cards/boards as well!


Thank you for your time and consideration and we look forward to building a long -lasting relationship!

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We Buy Used & Excess Phone Systems, Business Phones, Networking Equipment, IT Equipment & Central Office CO Equipment

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