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About Us

Telenet Systems, Inc.("TSI") is a major refurbishing company with offices in Florida, Virgina and Texas.  We specialize in purchasing used and excess telecommunications equipment across the United States that includes:

  • Used or out-of-service telephone PBX, Key and VoIP equipment
  • Data networking gear to include routers, switches, firewalls from Cisco, Juniper, Alcatel and many others
  • Central office and transmission equipment such as Lucent, Nortel, Tellabs and many others
  • Power equipment such as Liebert, APC and others

We also can provide select voice and data cabling services offered throughout the United States.

What drives us
We are passionate about helping our customers liquidate excess and used gear.  In fact, we see ourselves as a "green company" and take pride in recycling perfectly usable equipment that otherwise might wind up in a landfill. 

The friendly staff at Telenet Systems, Inc. constantly strive to improve the customer experience.  All of us at TSI put a great deal of emphasis in keeping our customers coming back to Telenet.  The principal way we do this is by continuously offering aggressive bids for used and excess gear along with exceptional customer service at all stages of the process.  We realize that our customers paid serious money for their equipment when they purchased it.  Why shouldn't they get a serious offer when it comes time to dispose of it?        

Our company was formed by Scott Banks who brings over 20 years experience in the refurbishing business.  TSI was created to fill a void in the market on the east coast but has since expanded to a nation-wide effort.  We also have offices in Manassas, Virginia and El Paso, Texas.


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